Baking tsourekia

It is days like today that stir up so many emotions.  I am baking tsourekia and the house is filled with exotic aromas of mahlepi.  I am always so surprised, and really shouldn’t be, as to how something as simple as baking or a taste or smell can take you back to another place and time.

It is my mother that I am thinking of today as I make my tsourekia…we always spent the day together in the kitchen, as well as my sister and father, after all he was the baker in the family.  I would watch my mother and take instruction not realizing that one day I would be the one giving instruction and being watched by my own children.

It has been almost 10 years now that my parents have passed but I miss them every day, especially on days like these.

These are the memories that I hold close to my heart.

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